Haribo is showcasing Fruitilicious in its latest ‘Kids’ Voices’ ad, which runs for nine weeks. The product, which launched in January, contains 30% less sugar than regular fruit gum sweets.

The advert focuses on a small group in a lift as they share this new treat, which awakens their inner child, resulting in the adults speaking with kids’ voices to describe the product.

As an unexpected twist it’s the child in the group that showcases the product’s sugar reduced credentials and introduces a kid with an adult’s voice for the first time.

Developed by creative agency and film production company Quiet Storm, ‘Lift’ joins a line-up of popular Haribo adverts that showcase adults with kids’ voices. Previous creative saw ‘Boardroom’ ranked number one in Nielsen’s ‘Top 30 Most Impactful Ads’.

Tanya Faulkner, managing director at Quiet Storm said: “Our new film takes place in a lift, one of the most mundane of situations where people rarely want to engage, and shows perfectly how ‘Haribo brings out the child inside.’ After enjoying Haribo Fruitilicious each character lets out their happy, playful, even silly side.”

The new creative forms part of a multi-million-pound campaign.