KitKat has launched over 400 limited edition packs for all Kitkat formats.

For the first time in the brand’s history, the KitKat name has been replaced on the front of the pack with one of 72 different types of break, including Sporty Break, Lunch Break, Office Bread or Me Time Break. All variants are available now.

The initiative is part of the brand’s new ‘Celebrate the Breaks’ marketing campaign, which features activity ranging from new products to advertising campaigns. The campaign celebrates each individual’s unique break moment, whether it’s having a cuppa, socialising, checking social media or simply doing nothing.

A high profile advertising campaign is also running throughout 2015, which includes brand new TV and digital advertising with a heavyweight £10m media value. The brand is now also utilising social media by working with YouTube creators Patrick Boivin and Jack and Dean to promote the campaign.

The campaign mediums are connected by the use of the hashtag #mybreak and the promotional hashtag has been moulded into the actual chocolate of the KitKat.