Haribo has unveiled a bag full of tricks ready for Halloween.

Available now, there are 150g and 200g novelty bags and a pumpkin shaped tub of new spooky mixes.

In the new Scaremix, the flavours of the sweets have changed and the egg has become a Toffee Apple eyeball, whilst the heart is blackcurrant and bubblegum flavour. ’Boo Bears’ and ’Dracula rings’ have also been added to the mix alongside a blood orange brew for the bottle.

With limited edition TangfasTricks, what looks like a treat, could be a trick, as this bag contains standard tangy pieces as well as hot and super-sour ones. Approximately one in three pieces in every bag will be a trick.

These limited editions will also come together in a special pumpkin shaped Duo tub, containing 400g each of Scaremix and TangfasTricks.

Caley continues: “Consumers love the innovation that HARIBO brings to the confectionery aisle and they will certainly enjoy the latest themed treats that we have brewed up especially for Halloween. Fun and themed, these latest treats will be the perfect addition to special seasonal displays that enhance instore theatre and create key destinations within a store.”