Gums and jellies expert Haribo has updated Supermix, focussing on four shapes available in more vibrant colours and creamier flavours.

Appealing to consumers that prefer Haribo’s mix of soft treats, Supermix will now offer milk bottles and lemon meringue and peach flavoured little jelly men. Packs will also contain jelly and foam sheep and ice cream sweets with vanilla flavoured foam and raspberry, blackcurrant and apple jelly flavours in bright pink, purple and green colours.

The change is supported with a new, impactful and eye-catching bag design, providing greater shelf appeal whilst reiterating the new mix through an on-pack flash.

Brand manager Alison Satterthwaite said: “We know consumers will love this new mix; the updated creamier flavours, along with the brighter colours, builds on the soft yet fun nature of Supermix which is why it is a favourite with fans of the brand.”

Supermix comes in a 140g bag with an rrp of £1.29.