We are gearing up for a manic few months here at Broadway Convenience Store.

Aldi is expected to submit its plans for a new store in the next few weeks and our action group is ready to start putting together objections on grounds of potential traffic congestion, neighbour nuisance, blockage of public access to local services, over-provision of licensed premises and such like. Our customers are also eager to get involved and we’ve had a constant stream of people asking what’s happening, and when they should start writing their protest letters.

We are also anticipating our store refit, which is set to take place in July. In the meantime, sales are fantastic. After 6% growth in 2013/14, the past couple of months have seen sales up by 22% compared with this time last year, and that’s even before we’ve done the refit. We think the rise can be attributed to a combination of two things: the Premier Mega Deals are definitely making us a destination store for good value buys; and removing the charge from our cash machine has brought in a lot of new faces.
These new customers are starting to shop here, too. It’s still small amounts at the moment, but that’s the way round we like it. Once they are in then you can work on basket spend.

So, if the worst comes to the worst and Aldi gets planning permission and builds its new store, at least we are doing everything in our power to get our business in as good a shape as we possibly can, because one thing is for sure - we’ll fight it for every customer with all the advantages a strong independent local business can muster!