Vape recycling Woosnam web

Concerned over how disposable vapes were being discarded by her customers, Trudy Davies of Woosnam & Davies News in Llanidloes, Wales, has set up a recycling station in her store.

Speaking to, Trudy explained that the need for this service has grown since the rise in popularity of disposable vape products. “With disposable vapes being the most popular choice for today’s vapers we have been asked a few times by our customers what was the correct way to recycle them and we realised we weren’t actually sure.

“We researched the topic further and, as we always strive to be as a responsible a retailer as we can be, we decided that we would become a collection point and make it as easy as we could for our customers to dispose of them responsibly.”

“The customers drop them in the collection box in our shop and we send them to a company that specialises in vapes and can recycle them and dispose of them properly. We really try to do our best to keep the environment as clean and green as we can by recycling and repurposing everything we can.”

Earlier this year, Juul revealed it was trialling a take-back and recycling programme for used pods and devices.