Aman Uppal

There’s no holding back for Aman Uppal when it comes to boosting profits. Sociability and dynamic energy are key to driving sales for the One Stop Mount Nod retailer in Coventry.

Attending industry events is one way to stay ahead, according to Aman. He explains to Convenience Store that they are vital for building connections between retailers and suppliers. “It’s a unique environment where you’ll have suppliers and retailers from so many different places, brands, parts of the country, all under one roof,” he says.

One calendar favourite for Aman is the Association of Convenience Stores’s (ACS) Hosted One2Ones, an annual business speed dating event that provides an opportunity for retailers and suppliers to establish new relationships and secure new business. Aman explains how the collaborative atmosphere of these networking events allows for the exchange of ideas and innovative solutions to drive business growth.


The ACS Hosted One2Ones event. 

“I think it’s very important that retailers attend events such as Hosted One2Ones. If we don’t take these opportunities to use them, they won’t be around for much longer. The more we engage and use these facilities, the further we will grow.

“It’s not just something I’m saying to retailers, it’s to the brands as well. It’s crucial that we collaborate more because we are all stakeholders at different levels. Ultimately, our customers will benefit, and hopefully, this will lead to increased sales as well.,” he says.

He highlights the “second to none” organisation efforts the ACS put into events. For Hosted One2Ones, the ACS provides retailers with a timetable and schedule so that they are aware of whom they are talking to and when. “You just have to turn up… People would be mad not to take advantage of them [ACS events]”.

During a Hosted One2One event, Aman engaged in a conversation with Dan Madden, national account manager for Jack Link’s EMEA, a supplier he had not interacted with much before. Although he was already stocking Jack Link’s Beef Jerky, Aman believes “all products can do with a bit of support in the store”.


He asked Madden if there was any additional POS support he could use to grow the sales of the products that were on promotional offer with One Stop Stores Ltd. This initial conversation led to a store visit by Richard Coe, national account manager for Jack Link’s EMEA, and as a result, Aman received POS for three new locations around his store.

“I’m a big fan of having secondary sightings of products that are fast-moving lines in and around the store because we’ve really seen sales of them grow over time. Particularly with jerky, it’s a product that we can display in different categories around the store.

“So, we actually had it in three locations, it had its own fixture where it was near our crisps. We then put it on the metal stand, near the end of a gondola, right in a primal location, and then we also hung them next to beers and wines. So customers couldn’t miss it and because every journey that takes you around the store it’s going to be there.

Whether they brought it on that occasion, they will see it again and again and they will maybe buy it another time when they’re in the store”.


Following the installations in Easter, sales rocketed to 400% in the first month across 3 SKUS - original beef jerky, biltong and sweet and hot - and sales have consistently remained positive since. “We are doing double the sales of what we were doing before,” Aman reveals.

“I believe retailers should be looking to speak in positions to people like Richard, so we can both have a clear understanding of our needs and objectives and the quicker we identify them for each other, the quicker we will both succeed in whatever we want,” he says.

Aman emphasises the importance of account managers visiting retailers to gain a better understanding of retail operations at ground level. “I’m a big advocate of suppliers and retailers talking together, engaging for the better of both parties”.

What other tips does he have to make the most of industry events? In addition to formal sessions, he stresses the value of informal interactions at these events. “Any industry events where networking can take place, I’ve found myself benefiting so much from those conversations that may happen over dinner or after an event, and in those sort of settings where there’s trust and it’s laid back.

People talk more and off the back of these sort of informal meetings, i’ve been able to put more formality to them over time and build that relationship with these suppliers or even retailers and then we’ve been involved in some fantastic activations and it’s gone down really well,” he explains.

As well as attending events, Aman is also putting his efforts into working with PR agencies, such as Cirkle, to gain a “far better understanding of the industry”.

”I’m the type of person who likes to take a chance, who likes to knock on a door and say to somebody, is this possible and is that possible? Now I’ve got far more understanding of the industry. Things that happen a lot quicker, and ultimately retailers are benefitting around the country because once somebody’s done something, it leaves behind a case study or at least an example of what can be achieved”.