Jisp Online

Jisp is to launch an online version of its app to help engage a wider convenience audience

Through the new web version, shoppers will be able to use the full services available from Jisp via their local store without downloading an app including ordering groceries for delivery and using its AR voucher system Scan & Save. The new website version is launching on 16th February. All stores on Home Delivery, Click and Collect and Scan & Save will be issued new point-of-sale materials in-store to communicate the new way of shopping from Jisp for out of home or in-store services locally.

Jisp CCO Greg Deacon said: “We want to give our Jisp customers a great experience for them to decide which experience works for them, using the services on offer locally at their convenience. Our belief is that many will prefer to use the online experience to trial or exclusively use the services from Jisp at their local store. Many customers will move over to a full app experience once they become confident using the in-store service Scan & Save and augmented reality vouchers. Incrementally, delivery will benefit from those ordering at home or at work to get groceries delivered locally. This should increase shoppers, frequency of orders and value of basket for our partner stores.“

‘’With Scan & Save, 12% of daily users of Jisp are under the age of 20 and 17% are over 50,” he added. “We expect to increase both age groups using Jisp with the web version. This age groups will help the continued growth in sales, revenue, and margin for our participating retail partners, alongside the thousands already using the full app experience.”

Jisp recently rolled out its Scan & Save technology to all Nisa stores.