Jisp’s Augmented Reality vouchering system, Scan & Save, is to be made available to all Nisa retailers from this month.

The national roll-out follows a trial in selected Nisa stores which Jisp deemed “highly successful”. It reported 82,116 scans, 40,001 taps and 32,895 redemptions on Scan & Save branded augmented reality vouchers from September to December while participating retailers accumulated a combined discount redemption value of £36,211 with over 2,300 unique shoppers, 81% becoming repeat redeemers.

CEO of Jisp Julian Fisher said the trial exceeded expectations. “We are thrilled to announce the Scan & Save roll-out with Nisa. Our pilot achieved above and beyond what we hoped to accomplish, benefiting everyone from retailers and brands, all the way to the customers. We’re delighted to be working with Nisa to bring even more retailers our exclusive technology to help grow sales, increase loyalty and understand more about customers’ shopping habits through our data.”

Jisp Scan & Save in store

According to Jisp, Nisa will be contacting retailers about the roll-out or retailers can get in touch directly.

Head of central operations at Nisa James Taylor added: “It’s been fantastic seeing our retailers adopt a new, trailblazing digital system in stores of every shape and size across the UK. Scan & Save is a superb solution for any retailer looking to deliver high-end technology that is often only accessible at larger supermarket chains. We’re excited to see more positive results in the upcoming months working with Jisp.”

In December, Jisp’s chief customer officer Greg Deacon spoke to ConvenienceStore.co.uk about the Scan & Save roll-out and how the technology is “a gamechanger for convenience”.

Jisp added that brands involved in Scan & Save also benefited since the launch in September 2021, seeing uplifts in sales, shopper engagement and retailer product ordering.

Nisa retailer Gary Batten of Phoenix Stores in Cornwall praised the system. ‘’It’s easy to incorporate Scan & Save in store. We simply set up the POS and attached the shelf tickets to the shelf edges. We are now seeing customers familiar with Scan & Save coming into the store and confidently using the app again and again to redeem deals. Any retailers who don’t use this technology shouldn’t be in retail – it’s a no brainer’.’