bp Reveal body camera - John

BP is aiming to keep colleagues and customers safer by rolling out the Auror retail crime intelligence platform across its 300+ company stores, as well as implementing Reveal body worn cameras at stores experiencing higher levels of abuse and crime.

The Auror platform enables swift incident reporting, offender identification and seamless police collaboration, as well as providing real-time alerts on local criminal activities.

Meanwhile, the bodycams are being introduced following a successful pilot in 2023 when they were tested in eight company-owned stores in the UK facing high levels of verbal abuse. The introduction of the cameras resulted in a decrease in verbal abuse incidents, and collaboration with the local police produced positive results, with several instances of customers apologising for their behaviour as a direct result of seeing their action on the front-facing screens of the Reveal body worn cameras. The bodycams are currently in use at 70 company-owned stores across the UK and are being rolled out at pace to more stores with high rates of incidents.

Sonya Adams, VP mobility & convenience retail in the UK, said: “Safety comes first at BP; we are always looking at ways we can create a safer working environment for colleagues and a better retail experience for customers. We serve millions of customers every week with the vast majority of transactions being pleasant and positive. However, in line with the rest of the retail sector, we are seeing an increase in crime and abuse of our colleagues, and that’s unacceptable. We will continue to collaborate with others in the sector, and invest in technology like Auror and the Reveal body cameras, to help us combat these issues.”

Mark Gleeson, Auror VP UK & Europe, said: “Crime fuels some of the worst parts of our society. Regardless of brand or size of the store, the crime occurring in retail isn’t isolated or small-scale crime - in fact it’s 10% of offenders causing over 60% of the loss and violence in our retail communities. Auror is committed to working with BP across the UK to help connect crime and to stop the impact of criminal networks. For an organisation like BP, that has stores ranging in sizes, creating a safer environment for colleagues with Auror is essential, and we are thrilled to be partnering with BP to enable that.”

Alisdair Field, CEO Reveal, said: “The feedback from BP’s retail team members has been overwhelmingly positive during the pilot. As highlighted, Reveal body cameras significantly enhanced their job satisfaction by reducing incidents. Moreover, the cameras greatly improved interactions with security and police, thanks to the invaluable footage for incident reporting. We are proud of how our technology has substantially boosted safety and protection for bp’s retail teams and are delighted to see this extended across BP stores.”