Select & Save Brand Book image

West Midlands-based Select & Save has revealed that the symbol is investing in “a new visual identity”, as well as a “new own label offer”.

Managing director Kam Sanghera posted an image on LinkedIn showing a conceptual shopfront and store interior, and claimed that the new look would be rolled out across the group in due course.

He said that the firm, which brands itself as “the only independent convenience symbol group”, would also be investing in its online platforms, websites and marketing collateral to help stores stand out from the competition.

In addition, he reported that the group was in the process of renegotiating preferential cost prices on staple goods, such as those featured in the group’s new Select & Save own label offer. Products in the lineup include: Bread 800g at 79p, Eggs six-pack at £1.49 and Bacon 300g at £1.99.

The firm’s website has been teasing that “change is coming” since last year, and Sanghera thanked the group’s retail members for their patience and commitment.

He stated: “We’re proudly the largest independent in a crucial, but volatile industry, and the tactical investments that we’re making now are part of our wider strategy of future-proofing our business and yours.”