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Independent retailer Saleem Sadiq celebrated two milestones with Spar by throwing an in-store party last month, joined by his family, colleagues, and customers.

The occasion marked his 30th anniversary with Spar at his store in Renfrew, Glasgow, as well as 40 years since his father joined the symbol group in 1984. 

In the 1930s, Saleem’s grandparents owned a local store – or ‘Huttie’ as shops were known as - in a small village in the Gujrat district in Punjab in what was then the new country of Pakistan. And so, the family of shopkeepers were known as the local ‘Huttie Wallahs’.

When Saleem was ten years old, he and his family moved to Glasgow in the mid-1960s and is father had a dream of owning his own business. He started by opening a convenience store on Glasgow’s south side, later on in 1984, he joined Spar.

After Saleem graduated from university in the 1980s he decided to take a gap year working in the family business, and 40 years later he is still in there!

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Now head of the family business, Saleem runs several Spar stores in and around Glasgow with his brothers. But the heart of it all is Spar Renfrew.

In his home community, he and his store “continue to make many important contributions to local good causes,” said Spar Scotland.

Saleem said: “It has been a journey over the decades, and it will hopefully not end with me - the next generation is already knocking on the door! Waseem, one of my sons, has already joined the family business and he hopes to carry the Spar name on within our family convenience business well into the next 40 years! Convenience retailing is our passion because once a Huttie Wallah, always a Huttie Wallah!”

Colin McLean chief executive of Spar Scotland congratulated Saleem, the Sadiq family and all the staff and customers ar Spar Renfrew: It is a wonderful family history in convenience retailing and today a brilliant Spar business. Local retailing is at the heart of everything they do, and we wish Saleem continued success with his business – both in this generation and the next.”