Best One


Owner: Bestway Retail

Stores 2023 (vs 2022): 1,559 (1,440)

Type: Symbol

Membership costs: None

Delivery costs: Ambient £30 if order value below £1,250 (exc. tobacco)

Minimum contract: Three years

Minimum order levels: Ambient £1,000 (excl. tobacco), chilled £100, if placed with ambient order

Minimum order spend: £5,000 per week

Online delivery partners: Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Just Eat and Jisp

Rebate: Up to 5%

Other benefits: A dedicated BDM, access to over 400 direct-to-store suppliers, and “excellent” margin opportunities with our growing vape range.

Services: My Rewards rebates can be used to invest in store development projects.

USP: “Free and unrivalled access” to industry experts’ advice and insight

Other Plans for 2024? Building on the success of the 2023 showcase, we will be hosting another business-wide showcase based in a central location of Coventry to create an even more successful show in 2024. Launching a one-stop shop for our retailers’ POS & uniform needs as we launch the Vault within Best One.

Key learnings from 2023? It is key that we continue the support for our retailers, growing the brand and taking their feedback on board to enhance their experience further, including showcasing us as a business that is easy and simple to trade with.

What new services/support will you introduce this year? We will be undertaking a full review of the Best One proposition, which will help us evolve the brand even further through regular range reviews and planograms.


Bargain Booze

Bargain Booze, Select Convenience & Wine Rack

Owner: Bestway Retail

Stores (vs 2022): 530 (482)

Type: Franchise 

Membership costs: From £1,650 per year 

Delivery costs: N/A

Minimum contract: N/A

Minimum order levels: £1,800 (excluding tobacco)

Minimum order: £6,000 per week

Rebate: Up to 4%

Other benefits: National and local consumer marketing support, managed EPoS solution, HR support for in-store recruitment.

Services: Fascia, EPoS system, full shop fit.

USP: Part of the Bestway Retail group of fascia stores that is the only group with a format and support business plans for every type of convenience retailer. Multiple franchise fascia to choose from. The Bargain Booze Drinks at Home Event offers access to industry experts.

Other plans for 2024? We will continue converting many of our Bargain Booze stores into our innovative ‘store within a store concept’ with a Bargain Booze within a Costcutter store or in Best-one stores. We will also continue to attract new retailers to this proposition on the back of the proven success of 2023

Following the success of our 2023 trade show, we are already building learnings and successes into the 2024 event, which will continue to showcase the benefits available from being a part of the Bestway family and provide retailers access to industry-leading insights, trends, store concepts and leading to our supplier partners.

Key learnings from 2023? We learnt in 2023 that value is key to both our franchisees and their xonsumers, we will continue to review and improve our pricing and promotions to support this as we move through 2024.

Vape undoubtedly remains a key category for our franchisees, and we need to continue to share changes in market trends.

What new services/support will you introduce this year? We will continue to grow our estate of hybrid stores; following recent successes in the Bargain Booze in a Costcutter concept, we will look at how hybrids can offer further opportunities to our existing and new franchisees.




Owner: Bestway Retail

Stores 2023 (vs 2022): 1,298 (1,260)

Type: Symbol

Membership costs: None

Delivery costs: N/A

Minimum contract: 5 years

Minimum order levels: 150 cases ambient / BWS / Tobacco / 40 cases chilled / frozen

Minimum weekly spend: £7,500

Rebate: Up to 6%

Other benefits: Access to over 2,000 Co-op own-brand products, loyalty scheme rewards, a business development manager and marketing support. We have centres of excellence with Costcutter now being part of the Bestway Retail family, which is focussed on driving many efficiencies at head office level to ensure best practice is shared across all facias and to sharpen our competitive position in the market by providing every retailer with the best option for them and their store. A choice of delivery partners (Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Jisp and Just Eat).

Services: Strong field support team, store design & development team, CPoS (in-house EPoS system), Marketing specialists.

USP: Part of the Bestway Retail group of fascia stores that is the only group that has a format and support business plans for every single type of convenience retailer.

Access to Bestway’s C&C network, the newly launched Bargain Booze /Wine Rack in a Costcutter concept, simple contracts, tailored investment packages, easy rebate access, and our Co-op relationship.”

Other Plans for 2024? Through engagement from our field teams, we will continue to assess the opportunities for our retailers and provide focus on helping with the implementation of plans to drive retail sales. The conversion of stores to our innovative and award-winning ‘store within a store concept’ with a Bargain Booze within a Costcutter will be a key area.


Go Local

Go Local

Owner: Parfetts

Stores 2023 (vs 2022): 1,100 (1,000)

Type: Symbol

Membership costs: None

Delivery costs: None

Minimum contract: Five years 

Minimum order levels: £1,500 

Minimum order spend: Subject to turnover 

Rebate: 2%

Online delivery partners: Snappy Shopper and Just Eat

Other benefits: Free marketing and digital support, store performance reviews, and access to our best prices and promotions

Services: Growing our team of dedicated retail development advisors to support store growth 

USP: We’re employee-owned, so we can invest more into price and margin 

Key learnings from 2023? The cost of living crisis continues to be a focus for shoppers and retailers alike. It’s essential for retailers to provide value across key product lines. That’s why we’ve expanded the Parfetts’ own label range throughout 2023 and have big plans for it in 2024. We’ve also increased the frequency and scale of the promotional calendar, giving retailers more opportunities to optimise margins.

What new services/support will you introduce this year? The Parfetts’ own label range offers strong margins and will see significant expansion in the next 12 months from its current 130 lines. Furthermore, frequent promotions, one-day specials, and promotional activities will be extended. We also provide a suite of free support services, including point-of-sale materials, digital campaigns and extensive social media and digital support for stores, all aimed at boosting sales and margins.

Other plans for 2024? Parfetts has continued to invest in retail development advisors (RDAs) to increase numbers nationally and ensure we continue to provide high levels of service and expertise to our customers. RDAs advise on market trends, store merchandising and store sales optimisation, which are all designed to increase sales and margins for our retailers.




Owner: JW Filshill

Stores 2023 (vs 2022): 229 (220)

Type: Symbol

Membership Costs: None

Delivery costs: None

Minimum contract: 5 Years

Minimum order levels: 50 cases (excluding tobacco & vape)

Minimum order spend: N/A

Rebate: Negotiable on spend and scale

Online delivery partners: Snappy Shopper, Appy Shop 

Other benefits: Flexible promotional structure, three fascia choices, access to multiple third party suppliers, extensive local & premium ranges as well as big brands.

Services: Fully digital end to end ordering platforms & unique category management and planograms based on shopper data, EPOS solution, Support from a dedicated development team with retail experience.

USP: Supplier Relationships (number one wholesaler in the UK for the 14th year in a row, according to the Advantage Group Report). Tailored Delivery Service. Sector innovators.

Key learnings from 2023? “Utilising our vast amounts of wholesale & retail data to tailor our offer to our customers, covering a wide geographical area we can optimise the range and category performance for all our Keystores.”

What new services/support will you introduce this year? “We aim to utilise our new, state of the art, Distribution Centre for growth and for improving productivity and efficiency to keep our cost prices for our retailers down.”

Other plans for 2024? “Continue to focus on co-prosperity for Keystore retailers, costs are increasing all the time, we have to work together to mitigate these & remain profitable having prosperous businesses in the independent convenience sector.” 




Owner: The Co-operative Group 

Stores 2023 (vs 2022): 2,400 (2,000)

Type: Symbol Group

Membership Costs: £860+VAT

Delivery costs: Ambient: Varies depending upon volume ordered. Chill: No charge

Minimum contract: 6-month rolling contract for independent stores. 3-year contract for Fascia

Minimum order levels: Ambient: 200 cases per week. Chill & Freeze: 120 cases per week

Minimum order spend: No minimum spend for Independent stores. £5k per week for fascia 

Rebate: Earn up to 5.5% rebate with Nisa Fresh Rewards which is now calculated solely on weekly order value

Online delivery partners: Just Eat, Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Snappy Shopper

Other benefits: Nisa offers a flexible and unique partnership, access to more than 2,400 Co-op own label products and the option to use the new updated Nisa fascia - Nisa Local, Nisa Express or Nisa Extra – or their own independent name. Nisa has prioritised adjusting its pricing strategy since MD Peter Batt started in role and in 2023 invested millions of pounds in a range of categories to allow customers to grow margins throughout the year.

Services: No matter the size of the business or ambition, Nisa understands what matters to its retailers and its format propositions are tailored to meet a variety of needs. Retailers get unparalleled support from a team of industry specialists, including store development, a comprehensive marketing package and market leading EPoS solution. Nisa retailers were also supported by consistently strong levels of availability throughout 2023 across ambient, chill and freeze categories.

USP: Access to Co-op’s market leading and multi-award-winning own brand range alongside ability to donate to local causes through the Making a Difference Locally charity.

Key learnings from 2023? “The past 12 months has been extremely tough for everyone in the market with inflation and the cost-of-living crisis. Shopper behaviour has totally changed, and own brand has become more and more prominent which has been great news for retailers because our Co-op own brand range is a fantastic proposition. Over 90% of our retailers and partners are investing in Co-op own brand and we’re looking forward to some brand-new products and even better availability in 2024. Another important issue to address from 2023 is retail crime and I’m very proud that the Co-op and Nisa have been at the front of this campaign. We’ve been highlighting to the Government and all MPs just how important colleague and customer safety is and you’ll see the differences we are going to make in 2024.”

What new services/support will you introduce this year? “Price investment has been at the forefront of our thinking, and we’ve made a significant number of investments in several key categories including beers, wines and spirits, tobacco, and confectionery. We will continue to do that to ensure we have market leading prices. The feedback we receive from our customers is vital and that is telling us we are going in the right direction, but we still have work to do. To kick off 2024, we have also invested £1 million to lower the WSP on a range of products including branded and own brand bread, price marked packs, vapes and tobacco. We have also relaunched our Fresh Rewards rebate scheme at the start of 2024. We have listened to our customer feedback and the main request was for simplicity which has been achieved through a spend based scheme.”

Other plans for 2024? We will look at the most exciting new store developments over the past year including hybrid stores, new formats and concepts, as well as new partnerships and tie-ups aimed at helping convenience retailers stand out from the crowd.


Simply Fresh

SimplyFresh & Simply Local

Stores 2023 (vs 2022): 98 (95)

Type: Symbol

Membership Costs: None

Delivery costs: £7.32 fuel charge per delivery, this can be credited back on retailer spend commitment

Minimum contract: 5 years for SimplyFresh and LittleFresh. Three for SimplyLocal

Minimum order levels: 150 cases ambient of BWS and tobacco products, and 40 cases chilled and frozen products

Minimum order spend: SimplyFresh weekly: £8,000/week. Others: £5,000

Rebate: Up to 6%

Online delivery partners: We work with all of the major delivery partners, and can also support retailers with SF Branded bespoke solutions

Other benefits: Access to over 2,000 Co-op own-brand lines, Bestway and its multiple supply options, loyalty scheme rewards

Services: A strong field support team, in house store design and development team, and a supply partner in house EPoS system 

USP: We offer a multi supply chain solution. With access to the full Nisa Range, Bestway delivery and cash & carry network, Wine Rack and Bargain Booze hybrid concepts and supply, as well as over 450 direct to store suppliers. All with one weekly central invoice, we have everything cover for forward thinking retailers.”

Key learnings from 2023? 2023 was a challenging year for our sector with the cost-of-living crisis, inflation, energy crisis, supply chain disruption, wage and fuel increases, and global conflicts all affecting the grocery sector. However, Convenience has still shown good growth, showing there are very few sectors quite as resilient as ours.”

What new services/support will you introduce this year? We are working closely with Amazon utilising their Just Walk Out Technology alongside out SimplyFresh and LittleFresh brands. With the first store now live in Gatwick, and a further three sites in the planning, SimplyFresh will be leading the charge on frictionless retail.”

Other plans for 2024? We’ll continue to offer an adaptive approach to convenience store retailing, ensuring our stores and our retailers are better equipped than the competition with the way Britain’s shopping habits are changing. We see more collaborations on Technology and Food Service, and we are excited about the year ahead.” 


Select & Save

Select & Save

Owner: S&S

Stores 2022 (vs 2021): 153 (121)

Type: Symbol

Membership costs: None

Delivery costs: None

Minimum contract: Three years

Minimum order levels: £3,500 per week

Minimum order spend: £1,250 ambient and £100 Chilled

Rebate: Up to 5%

Online delivery partners: Deliveroo and Snappy Shopper

Other benefits: Store support and advice in all aspects of running retailer stores

Services: Electronic, deliveries, utility, drop shipment and full turn key operation in all aspects of Symbol group 

USP: The only truly independent symbol offering Independence for independents. Doing the right thing, for them and their future.

How are you helping retailers and their shoppers manage the cost of living crisis? Focus on availability and what their customers need and want with price mark and value promotions.

What key changes have you made to mitigate inflation and ongoing shortages? we have looked at better value for all areas from cost of goods to Utility deals, and looking at alternative ranges and services to ensure the stores succeed and survive in a tough market

Plans for 2023? Large changes with value, support and exciting new plans for 2023 to continue to be independent for our customers to help them survive and grow




Owner: Spar UK Ltd

Stores 2023 (vs 2022): 2,500 (2,600)

Type: Symbol group. Symbol groups are collections of stores which are contractually affiliated to a wholesale symbol group provider. The symbol group wholesaler provides the fascia and should provide symbol group retailers with a range of other supporting services, including the shop branding, access to own brand products, negotiating promotions with suppliers, IT services, stock delivery and logistical support. However, each store independently owned can retain a degree of independence from the symbol group wholesaler, the extent of which may differ depending on the contract and the business model in place.

Membership costs: When retailers join SPAR, membership is free for the first year. In addition independent retailers get free ACS membership when they join SPAR.

Delivery costs: £0

Minimum contract: There is no minimum length of contract; it is fully dependent on the needs of each independent retailer. 

Minimum order levels: This is fully dependent on the needs of each independent retailer.

Minimum order spend: This is fully dependent on the needs of each independent retailer. 

Rebate: Not disclosed

Online delivery partners: Snappy Shopper, Deliveroo, Uber Eats, Appetite, Jisp, Appy Shop

Other benefits: Spar supports independent retailers with its five leading Regional Distribution Centres (RDCs) who invest in the brand, independent retailers, stores, product, ranges, IT, and infrastructure. The SPAR own label range of products ensures that the offer is not just relevant to shopper needs through choice and value for money, but also delivers quality to shout about, so shoppers can save on money, and not on quality.

Services: Spar operates a profitable multi-format retail strategy which meets specific customer propositions and is tailored to suit each store, each local community, and local shoppers. Spar works with retailers, jointly developing stores, and as a result retailers can focus on driving sales and profit margins.

USP: Spar is founded on the principle that retailers in its network remain proudly independent. This means that every SPAR store is tailor-made for the community that it serves, whilst still bringing the benefits of collective buying, and the marketing power of a major brand

Key learnings from 2023? Food-to-go has returned to growth and remains an area that stores with the right footfall need to offer, so developing solutions that retailers can execute is something that needs focus.

Shoppers will continue to look for value in the convenience sector. Our 14-week Big Deals of Christmas campaign helped shoppers get through to the end of the year and we know the start of the new year can be tough for a number of shoppers. Our January Value campaign means our shoppers will benefit from fantastic savings from a range of different products on promotion from £1.25. Planning and creating campaigns, always starting with what our consumers need is what we do well. 

The key for retailers now is personalisation and blending digital and physical experiences to meet consumers’ expectations. 

Other plans for 2024: Our plans for the year ahead are to deliver value to our shoppers across the board with key marketing initiatives and the constant innovation of our SPAR own label range. Customer mission-based formats that drive sales and profitability for our independent retailers is high on our agenda. We will also continue to engage with local MPs and lobby government where necessary to ensure our retailers concerns are heard and considered.

What new services/support will you introduce this year? Engaging with local MPs & alerting them to issues in their constituency, and the positive impact convenience stores have in their constituency/ward, will encourage them to act on your behalf.


Today’s, Day-Today & Lifestyle Express

Owner: Unitas Wholesale

Stores 2023 (vs 2022): Today’s 299 (298); Day-Today 268 (268); Lifestyle Express 233 (233) 

Type: Symbol

Membership costs: Free

Delivery costs: Negotiated between the retailer and Unitas Member Wholesaler

Minimum contract: Three years

Minimum order levels: Negotiated between the retailer and Unitas Member Wholesaler

Minimum order spend: As above

Rebate: As above

Online delivery partners: N/A

Other benefits: Plan for Profit website and app is the umbrella of a group of initiatives that influence the range of products all independent retailers should stock

Services:  Helping retailers to save more and sell more

USP: “Access to our own brand Local Living, LSV and Exclusive wines.”

Key learnings from 2023:  “Independent retailers showcased their ability to quickly adapt to changing consumer behaviours and trends, supported by Unitas’s full-service offerings.”

What new services/support will you introduce this year? “Building on the success of our own brand range Local Living, Unitas plans to continue growing this segment, focusing on quality and value.”

Plans for 2024: “We’re continuing to develop and enhance the Unitas benefits package for our symbol retailers. We’ve been working with members on store layout updates and merchandising support.”




Owner: Booker Group

Stores 2023 (vs 2023): 423 (385) 

Type: Convenience & Forecourts 

Membership costs: None

Delivery costs: None

Minimum contract: Three years

Minimum order levels: 150 cases

Minimum order spend: N/A

Rebate: Up to 6%

Online delivery partners: Retailers have the freedom to choose their own

Other benefits: Group exclusives, First tomMarket launches, NPD, exclusive added value service deals, Jacks & Euro Shopper own brands, free marketing support, Facebook pages & followers

Services: Budgens says it provides a full range of services 

USP: Fresh and chilled offer, social media presence

Key learnings from 2023? Value continues to grow in importance, this applies to both retailers and shoppers. Own brands play a vital role in providing value as well as offering amazing value promotions, like Booker just have with their value campaign across the UK with retailers, Londis, Premier, Budgens and Family Shopper.

Shoppers are purchasing more from promotions, which Booker are ensuring they have a strong core promotion and EDLP (everyday low price), as it is essential that retailers can rely on Booker to deliver the best choice, price and service.

What new services/support will you introduce this year? Working with a number of crime prevention suppliers, such as Facewatch, Veesion and Reliance Camera to secure group exclusive deals which will help retailers fight against crime. 

Other plans for 2024? Booker Trade Show returns. Also supporting the Euros with other activities taking place. New distribution centre in Fareham – Booker is always looking at new ways of working to be as efficient as possible, which is why they have invested in the new DC to deliver the best choice, price and service.


Family Shopper

Family Shopper

Owner: Booker Wholesale

Stores 2023 (vs 2022): 230 (160) 

Membership costs: None

Delivery costs: £29.95 per drop

Minimum contract: Three years

Minimum order levels: N/A 

Minimum order spend: £1,000

Rebate: up to 5%

Other benefits: Up to 5% spend and save scheme, free store layout plans and merchandising support, access to own label and over 250 centrally billed suppliers, assistance with van leasing, free merchandisers, fascia and window imagery, food to go solutions

USP: Driving incremental footfall from amazing value and newness, while helping customers engage and support their local communities




Owner: Booker Group

Stores 2023 (vs 2022): 2329 (2304)

Type: Convenience & forecourts

Membership costs: None

Delivery costs: None

Minimum contract: Three years

Minimum order levels: 100 cases

Minimum order spend: N/A

Rebate: Up to 5%

Online delivery partners: Retailers have the freedom to choose their own partner

Other benefits: Free marketing support, industry leading fresh range, bigger group better for all 

Services: Londis says it provides a full range of services.

USP: The UK’s largest forecourt partner




Owner: Booker wholesale

Stores 2023 (vs 2022): 4375 (4,000)

Type: Symbol

Membership costs: None

Delivery costs: £29.95 per drop

Minimum contract: Three years

Minimum order levels: N/A

Minimum order spend: £1,000

Rebate: Up to 5%

Online delivery partners: Customers have the freedom to choose their own partner

Other benefits: American confectionery and food to go solutions available, access to own label and over 250 centrally billed suppliers, largest field sales team in the UK

USP: A sustainable model so our retailers can make more profit even with costs rising significantly, driving incremental footfall from amazing value and newness, and helping customers engage and support their local communities

Plans for 2024? Premier scratch cards are back and start in a couple of weeks. This allows shoppers to win prizes from free scratch cards (when they spend over a certain amount).


One Stop

One Stop

Owner: One Stop Franchise

Stores 2023 (vs 2022): 340 (vs 300)

Type: Retail Franchise

Membership Costs: £115

Delivery costs: None

Minimum contract: 5 years

Minimum order levels: None

Minimum order spend: None

Rebate: 1% excluding tobacco and news

Online delivery partners: Deliveroo, Uber Eats, Just Eat, Snappy Shopper

Other benefits: ACS Membership, Serve Legal (age verification checks)

Services: Store refit investment, training on legislation changes, free ambient deliveries 2-3 days/week.

USP: “Backed by Tesco, we are retail experts using our extensive knowledge and insights to build a successful franchise business.”

Key learnings for 2023: Changing shopper habits due to the cost of living crisis.

What new services/support will you introduce this year? Further legal checks on sale of product. Welsh waste legislation change – effective 1 April 2024. Human rights legislation training. Risk assessments.

Other plans for 2024? Detailed range reviews across all categories. Food-to-go/vending options.