In this episode our experts explore:

The role of EPOS within convenience

One-in-four stores do not have an EPOS systems. Our experts discuss the real benefits that EPOS systems can offer a convenience store retailer, from ease of ordering to data that helps enhance the shopper experience. What are the barriers preventing retailers from investing in basic EPOS technology?

Self-serve technology

Can stores be totally cashier-free without decrementing shopper engagement. Amazon has received a lot of coverage since the launch of its cashierless stores, with many suggesting it takes away the store’s personality. Is this the case? Can a store offer a quicker, more efficient shopping solution and still be a community store that has its own identity? Our experts look at the pros and cons of self-serve technology and the role it could play within the sector moving forward.

On demand convenience

How far can on demand convenience go? Despite restrictions easing, convenience store delivery continues to grow, with many retailers forced to learn as they go due to the pandemic. How can retailers introduce apps and other technology to enhance the user experience? What data benefits does on demand convenience offer retailers? Are retailers currently maximising these benefits?