In this episode, our experts cover:

The role of sustainability at The Co-op

We hear from Michael Fletcher, Commercial Director at The Co-op to understand the importance of sustainability at his business. Michael discusses the biggest challenges facing convenience store retailers when it comes to sustainability, the impact of the pandemic on shopper behaviour, the key barriers to shoppers and how The Co-op are breaking down these barriers and his advice to retailers looking to improve their sustainability credentials.

Refillable product stations

What are the benefits and challenges of refill stations? What criteria should retailers follow before making a decision as to whether this is the right move for them? Can smaller stores really win when it comes to sustainability? How important is location? Are refill stations at odds with traditional convenience i.e. impulse, alcohol etc.?


How important is a vegan offer within convenience retail? What proportion of convenience store shoppers identify as vegan? Where are the key opportunities for retailers i.e. meal for tonight, food to go? What challenges do retailers need to consider before investing in a vegan offering?

Carrier bags/DRS

Are bags for life the right way to go? Can convenience do more to eradicate plastic bags? What are other retailers doing? Have all the questions surrounding DRS been answered? What support does the sector require ahead of any deadlines over the coming years?

Best in class retailers

Which convenience store retailers are leading the way? What are these retailers doing that makes them standout from the crowd? How can other retailers learn from these stores?