Lucozade Energy has introduced a new lemon and lime flavour, Lucozade Energy Citrus Chill.

Lucozade Energy

The new variant, which is available in 380ml PMP (£1.19 or two for £2.20) and standard packs, joins Lucozade Energy Apple Blast and Lucozade Energy Watermelon & Strawberry Cooler in the range.

Lucozade Energy sales are growing 8.3% (Kantar Worldpanel) year on year, while the flavours range is growing at 42% year on year (Kantar), the brand points out.

Lucozade Ribena Suntory head of marketing for Lucozade, Zoe Trimble, said: “We know new Lucozade Energy flavours drive real excitement with consumers looking for new tastes from a brand they trust. The launch of Lucozade Energy Watermelon & Strawberry last year is proof of that, having delivered more than 15% (IRI) of Lucozade Energy 380ml PMP flavour sales in symbol and independent stores in 2019.

“We’re confident Citrus Chill will follow this pattern and bring new users into the Lucozade Energy brand thanks to its fantastic take on a classic flavour, which we expect to be especially popular during the summer months due to its refreshing taste.

“It’s important for retailers to take a range-based approach to their Lucozade Energy sales as shoppers are more inclined to shop around.”

Lucozade Energy Citrus Chill is available to pick up in depot now.