Camelot is on course to complete its rollout of 8,000 more National Lottery terminals by the end of this year.

According to a Camelot spokeswoman, the National Lottery operator has installed 4,000 terminals with the remainder set to be in place by the end of the year. It also plans to ramp up its retailer interaction with ongoing calls and the Rewards+ incentive scheme.

The new terminals were introduced as part of an agreement to extend Camelot’s licence as National Lottery operator by four years, to January 2023. Of the 8,000 new terminals being rolled out, 6,000 will go to the independent sector.

Paresh Vyas of JND Stores in Droylsden, Manchester, was one of the retailers to receive a new terminal. He said he had been asking for one for 15 years. “I must have sent Camelot 3,000 signatures on various customer petitions - I’d email them every month,” he said. “We are really happy to have it now - customers have been congratulating me on my new baby! Our takings have gone up 5% on the past three draw days. Normally Saturdays are dead after 4pm, but for the past two weeks the store has been hammered with customers!”

Dane Vanstone of Holywell Stores, St Anne’s Chapel, Devon, had also been trying to get a terminal for several years. “We were one of the lucky stores to get one and are pleased with the results,” he said. “It’s definitely boosted footfall and spend as people tend to pick up a can of Coke or one of our hot pasties to go with a ticket.”

Dan Cock of Whitstone Village Stores in Holsworthy, Devon, was pleased that his customers no longer had to travel far for a ticket. “They don’t have to make a nine-mile round trip to the town to get a ticket, plus footfall has been up since it was installed.”