Camelot is set to introduce barcodes to its National Lottery draw-based game tickets in a bid to improve the service for retailers and customer

The barcodes will be introduced on Monday, April 2 in time for the EuroMillions draw on April 3, and will cover the five National Lottery draw-based games.

According to a Camelot spokeswoman, all National Lottery agents will receive a list of five barcodes that they will have to input into their epos systems in order to be able to process them.

“Retailers will simply need to scan the new barcode using their epos till to process National Lottery ticket transactions in the same way they would with other products in their store,” she said. “These barcodes are variable which means the price contained within the barcode will vary depending on the number of lottery lines purchased by their customers.”

The new barcodes will cover National Lottery transactions to the value of up to £99.99. Transactions above that amount will have to be processed through the old procedure.

“The barcodes will significantly reduce transaction time, reduce input errors and provide improved reporting on National Lottery products,” she added.