Pocket candy Tic Tac is launching a £1.5m campaign featuring a TV creative, encouraging people to take on new experiences and ‘Open Up’. For the first time in five years, Tic Tac Core (fresh mint, lime & orange, strawberry fields, and mint rush) is back on TV screens. The ad will run until mid-June across multiple touch points.

The light-hearted 30-second creative opens with a man and a woman sitting at opposite sides of a bench, in a busy park. As the man reaches for his packet of Tic Tac, the world freezes and Mr Tic Tac strolls onto the scene. An upbeat and optimistic character, Mr Tic Tac aims to encourage people to spark fresh connections, by being a little more sociable and ‘opening up with the sweet taste of Tic Tac’. The tongue in cheek advert closes with the man offering the woman a Tic Tac and the narrator saying: “It’s time to open up.”

Levi Boorer, customer development director at Ferrero UK and Ireland, says: “It’s the little gestures in life, like offering a Tic Tac, that enable those first connections between people, creating new experiences and friendships.”

Retailers can support the brand with point of sale material, which can be downloaded from the firm’s trade website.