School dinners and lunchbox fillings have come under the political spotlight once again, with the Labour Party discussing children’s nutrition at its recent conference and as such, manufacturers are coming under increasing pressure to provide appealing healthy options.

Back in March Warburtons, the bread and morning goods manufacturer, had all this front of mind when it launched the All in One range. With, Warburtons states, all the wheatgerm goodness of wholemeal bread without the colour, the initial range comprised 800g medium and thick loaves and a six-pack of ‘kid-friendly’ size rolls. The company has now extended that with the addition of All in One Riddlers.

Riddlers are ready-filled rolls that can be sold from the ambient aisle and come a pack of four with either cheese or cheese & ham spread fillings.

Warburtons says the product will drive growth by creating a new sub-category and is keen that retailers should not miss out on stocking a convenient product that aims to make life so much easier for busy parents.
The packs have been designed to interact with children, with each pack prompting them to ask how the filling gets inside the individually wrapped roll and then being shown, via fun scientific cartoons, how it’s achieved.

As Warburtons’ category marketing controller Sarah Miskell explains: “All in One Riddlers are a first for the bakery category. We are confident they will help to drive growth in the category by encouraging consumers to make this additional purchase and extend bakery eating occasions to include after-school snacks.
“We worked with Oxford Brookes University to make the All in One range with a low glycemic index (GI) while providing white bread with higher sources of energy. We also did research among consumers and found 78% of mothers were likely to buy the new bread. We really wanted to do something unique,” confirms Miskell.

“With the majority of products out there you need to do something extra to them before consumption; we wanted to provide something ready-made for parents.”
“All in One Riddlers represents a huge opportunity for c-stores. They can be put next to the bakery fixture to appeal to either parents or children themselves. We know that a lot of stores have good school time trade with pupils looking to spend their own money. Miskell adds: “Retailers should look to make the product easy to spot in their stores. We have produced a pos package consisting of a shelf retainer and bus stops to create maximum visibility.

“If retailers are looking for kids to buy then a third shelf position would be best. I would advise situating them next to Warburtons 12 sliced sandwich rolls, which are a top seller.”

The new rolls retail at £1.43.