Lucozade Revive

Lucozade Revive is to be featured in a £2m marketing campaign starting this month.

The first burst of the new Lucozade Revive marketing campaign will run until March and is expected to reach at least 80% of all UK adults a minimum of 11 times and aims to educate shoppers on the drink, raising awareness of what Lucozade Revive is.

Lucozade Revive, which was launched last year, is designed to combat some of the barriers perceived when it comes to buying into the energy drinks category, including perceptions of it being unhealthy or artificial. Revive has natural fruit flavours, real fruit juice, no artificial colours, and contains vitamins B3, B5, B6 & B12 to help reduce tiredness. It is sweetened with a balance of Stevia and sugar (4.3g sugar per 100ml) to give it a great taste.

Head of Lucozade at Suntory Beverage & Food GB&I Zoe Trimble said: “Lucozade Revive has enjoyed a great first year and built up a loyal following. This new campaign will further raise awareness of the brand and tap into the shift we’re continuing to see with shoppers looking more and more for a naturally inspired ‘everyday’ lift.

“We recommend that retailers ensure they have Lucozade Revive in their chillers to make the most of our massive investment behind the brand.

“We know that 75% of society is concerned about tiredness. Lucozade Revive is the ideal solution for these shoppers”.