NEO WTR has announced that it is the first beverage brand in Europe to produce bottles made of 100% Prevented Ocean Plastic.

The brand has launched a new spring water range using fully recycled ocean-bound plastic bottles with recyclable caps and labels, set to roll out in wholesalers nationwide from June.

The new Somerset-sourced spring water range hopes to significantly slow the damage caused to marine life by ocean plastic pollution.

The brand said every 500ml bottle of NEO WTR ( RRP: £1.25) stops the equivalent of 1.7 plastic bottles entering the ocean and is made using discarded plastic that has been collected along coastlines at-risk of ocean plastic pollution.

Nigel McNally NEO WTR managing director said: “The pressure is mounting on soft drinks manufacturers to provide solutions to prevent a global disaster. We’ve worked incredibly hard to bring this extremely worthwhile product to market. NEO WTR is a first for the category and a massive advancement in packaging for soft drinks. Our 100% Prevented Ocean Plastic™ bottle, with its recyclable cap and label, offers an environmentally positive option that actively tackles the growing problem of ocean plastic.

“Consumers deserve a solution which allows them a more sustainable option to purchase bottled water when they are out and about and can’t use a refillable bottle to stay hydrated,” he said.

All NEO WTR bottles are produced in the UK using 100% Prevented Ocean Plastic™ (excluding the cap and label) – a high quality, certified and award-winning recycled plastic material that has been collected from coastal areas at risk of ocean plastic pollution.

The plastic meets regulatory health and safety standards, is traceable back to source and can be identified on-pack through its distinctive triangular logo.

Founder of the Prevented Ocean Plastic programme Raffi Schieir said: “No single company can tackle global challenges alone. Only through collective effort and real partnership can we work towards a brighter future. We couldn’t be more proud of the team at NEO WTR for joining the Prevented Ocean Plastic mission to clean, build, and recycle. Their choice to turn ocean-bound plastic bottles into new bottles is a perfect example of circularity in action.”