KETO-HERO Chocolate Discovery Box

After a successful performance in Belgium, Keto Hero chocolate bars from Chocobel are now launching in the UK. The three-strong range of 100g bars comprises: Belgian Milk Chocolate, Belgian White Chocolate and Belgian Dark Chocolate variants, each with an rrp of £2.95.

A keto lifestyle is a low carbohydrate, high fat diet which has seen a large growth in popularity. In 2020, ‘keto’ was one of Google’s most searched for subjects, with over 25.4 million searches, claims Chocobel. 

Featuring impactful, informative, and colourful packaging that has guaranteed shelf stand out, the firm claims that the Keto Hero range can work both in the standard confectionary aisle, or within a special diet area.

Keto Hero has naturally occurring sugars and added extras such as MCT oil and erythritol to allow consumers to hit their low carb needs and to stay in ketosis, states Chocobel. The bars can be consumed as a stand-alone treat or can be used in baking to create keto friendly, low sugar goodies.