Choc chip pack

The Zeroh! Sugar Free Choc Chip Cookies are low in salt and contains no sugar or palm oil. They are a source of fibre and is made with sunflower oil, which contains high oleic fats.

“We expect retailers to see a growing demand for low sugar, fibre rich products from consumers who are looking for a sweet treat but without the guilt trip,” said Gullon UK sales director, Surb Kaur. “Our Zeroh! range delivers just that and our Choc Chip Cookie is a great addition to the line.”

“With Covid 19 inspiring a government-led campaign to eat more healthily and lose weight, sugar is in the firing line. Delivering empty calories with no nutritional benefit, refined sugar is increasingly seen as undesirable and even harmful to health. However, the added stresses and strains of the current climate mean that the comfort of sweet treats is ever more in demand from consumers who are looking for a quick fix for a work from home coffee break or to welcome the kids in from school. What’s required is a healthier biscuit.

“We believe that the secret of our success is our healthy message combined with really tasty recipes, so that customers enjoy our products and come back for more. Our biscuits are a treat, but baking them without sugar and with good fats means that they are a healthier more wholesome alternative to the traditional biscuit.”

The Zeroh! range originates in Spain where it is a brand leader with over 50% of the market share.