FHIRST Living Soda Lemon Lime - landscape

Fhirst has added a new lemon lime variant to its lineup of all-natural, zero-sugar sodas.

It joins the soft drink brand’s trio of flavours - cherry vanilla, ginger mandarin and passion fruit.

The new flavour (RRP £2.20) aims to offer a “healthier alternative to current lemon lime soft drinks on the market” and has been designed to “maximise summer sales opportunities,” said Fhirst.

The brand offerings are aimed at gut health enthusiasts and health-aware consumers who are seeking the very best in healthy, functional beverages and it claims to be on a mission to deliver “great-tasting” and “guilt-free” sodas that support gut, immune and brain health.

Fhirst creator Steven Van Middelem said: “Now more than ever before, consumers are searching out healthier soft drinks options with a particular focus on those offering functional benefits. We believe Fhirst is uniquely placed to capitalise on this increased consumer interest.”

Pip Brook co-founder and UK head of brand at Fhirst commented: “Sales performance since launch has been incredibly strong. Following our Amazon launch in January, our sales have been doubling month-on-month, while our DTC site has seen orders increase +247% over the same period. In addition, some of our independent stockists are now selling over 50 units per week. So, interest in our offering is really building, in line with ever-growing consumer interest in gut health overall. Google ‘gut health’ searches have increased +243% over the last two years, and the hashtag #gutmicrobiome is clocking over 730k views each week on TikTok.”

The launch will be supported by a ‘Squeeze the Day’ marketing and PR campaign, encouraging consumers to make the most out of every last drop of their day.

Fhirst added that it is pledging 1% of turnover to biodiversity and green infrastructure projects.

The new variant is available via fhirst.com and Amazon. Independent retailers can purchase it via CLF, Cotswold Fayre and Greencity, with plans for more to follow.