Bridor is working with award-winning French baker Frédéric Lalos to expand its bakery range with the addition of four new skus.

The NPD includes the following 280g loaves and baguettes:

  • Pochon Loaf  - Made using an original pochon recipe, this loaf is made with buckwheat sourdough in a reduced size and folded by hand.
  • Multigrain Loaf - Made with cereal sourdough and featuring a cream coloured centre and toasted seed flavour, this loaf contains a blend of sunflower, sesame, yellow and brown flax seeds and malted wheat flakes.
  • Lutecine Baguette - This baguette takes its name from the ancient Roman name for Paris and boasts a honeycomb texture and crisp exterior. The bread is made from sourdough, wheat flour and durum wheat flour.
  • Cereal Lutecine Baguette - Frédéric Lalos proposed a baguette made with wheat flour and sourdough rich in seeds (white sesame, yellow flax, brown flax, malted wheat flakes and sunflower seeds), characterised by its tender centre and taste.

With an irregular, rustic appearance, the Lalos range is shaped using traditional techniques, cooked in a stone oven and made using doughs worked with a higher moisture level and longer fermentation period to deliver an intense taste, complex shape and professional finish.