JTI is launching 10s packs for both B&H Blue King Size and B&H Blue Superkings across all channels nationwide this July.

Launched in June 2014, B&H Blue sits in the value price segment as an extension to the Benson and Hedges House.

New B&H Blue King Size and Superkings 10s will appeal to existing adult smokers who prefer to purchase smaller pack sizes at an affordable price point, JTI said.

Both packs will retail at an rrp of £3.33. Pricemarked packs at £3.25 will be available during the launch period.

Jeremy Blackburn, JTI head of communications said: “B&H Blue has been growing in all regions of the UK since launch and currently holds a 1.4% share of the value segment.

“Packs of 10’s are responsible for over 20% of all ready made cigarette sales, which, coupled with the strength of B&H Blue, means the new B&H Blue 10s packs are a must stock.”