P&G has revealed a series of product improvements and reformulations across its Fairy, Ariel, Gillette and Head & Shoulders brands.

Fairy Liquid has been reformulated with “lift action boost” technology to cut through grease better than ever before.

P&G says the new Fairy Liquid (RRP £1.49 for a 500ml) contains more surfactants which help to fight grease and the new fairy lift action technology delivers best-ever grease cut. A nationwide TV campaign supports the launch of the reformulation. 

Ariel has upgraded its range of liquid products - Ariel 3 in 1 Pods and Ariel Cold Wash gel – to give a better clean and brighter finish. 

The upgrade to the unique multi-compartment design includes a new innovative film to ensure dissolution even in a quick wash and powerful technologies for superior stain removal and brighter looking clothes. The energy efficient Ariel Cold Wash Gel has been improved to give clothes the best treatment, even in cool cycles. 

Gillette is introducing the largest creative overhaul of the range in more than 10 years. The brand’s new packaging coincides with the launch of a new Gillette Fusion5 razor and introduction of the first disposable razor in the category with proprietary cooling technology, the Gillette Sensor3 Cool.

Gillette’s new contemporary design has been crafted to simplify the range and ensure greater stand-out on shelf, giving the Gillette range a more uniformed look across its portfolio. Stand out statements on the front of pack will make it easier for shoppers to understand each product’s benefits, with the razors themselves being more visible through the packaging.

The Sensor3 range from Gillette is the world’s number one selling three-bladed disposable razor. The new ‘Cool’ range, available to retailers now, features a unique cooling technology which is released during each shaving stroke. Alongside the new Senor3 Cool disposable blades, Gillette is also introducing a new series of sensitive cool shaving preps.

Head & Shoulders has extended its portfolio with its first ever premium shampoos and conditioners for women – Head & Shoulders Suprême. The range will be available nationwide from February.

P&G has designed a new formula, look and regime with scalp to tip technology, that provides nourished hair, scalp benefits, and flake-free protection (Removes up to 100% visible flakes at 2ft. with regular use). 

The range is available in three variants – Moisture, Repair and Smooth (rrp £4.99 for 400ml shampoo and 275ml conditioner).