Quorn is back on TV next month with its campaign highlighting how Quorn is helping people to take a Step in the Right Direction when it comes to sustainable food choices, as part of the fight against climate change.

J12160 Quorn Ambient Launch_Thai Style Wonder Grains SQ

The new ad focuses on Quorn Wonder Grains and highlights how easy it is for people to enjoy a delicious meal that is healthier for them and the planet. Launched 12 months ago, the ambient range is one of Quorn’s most successful launches, generating £2m-worth of sales to date (IRI Grocery Outlets epos 52 w/e 29 February 2020). Thai Wonder Grains form part of this range and will now benefit from an eight-week TV campaign, kicking off on 7 April with a spot in The Great Stand up to Cancer Bake-Off.

The launch of Quorn’s ambient range moved the brand beyond its heartland in chilled and frozen into the food cupboard aisle with eight products across three formats: Wonder Grains; Bowls; and Strips. Wonder Grains are packed with nutritious grains and vibrant flavours for a stir and eat cold lunch, while the Quorn Bowls serve up a hearty nutritious hot lunch, and the Strips are perfect served cold with a salad or warmed up in a stir-fry.

With the new advert, Quorn is continuing to ask people to consider their food choices in the fight against climate change, as ’Farm to Shop’ carbon footprint data starts to appear on packs from June. In January, the brand published on its website Carbon Trust certified carbon footprint data for over 60% of its top-selling products.

The aim is to help people understand the environmental impact of the foods they buy, and comes as awareness about the environmental consequences of people’s dietary choices is at its highest ever level, with more than half of all UK consumers (55%, YouGov December 2018 data) are now reducing their meat consumption.

Quorn Foods commercial director Phil Watson said: “This is the decade we need to act. Some 26% (Poore and Nemecek 2018) of global emissions come from food and Quorn can be part of the solution by encouraging people to focus on how food choices impact climate change, and giving them the information they need to make sustainable food choices.

 “As a £200m brand (IRI 52 w/e 9 November 2019/Kantar Worldpanel 52 w/e 3 November 2019), bringing new shoppers into the category all the time, Quorn can help retailers meet the needs of the 64% of consumers who want to reduce their carbon footprint to protect the planet for future generations, with our great tasting range that delivers both health and sustainability benefits.”

Quorn is the first meat-free food manufacturer in the world to publish the carbon footprint of its key products, through third-party carbon footprint accreditation by the Carbon Trust. As the brand continues to lead the fastest growing category, it has been the first food manufacturer to go through the Carbon Trust’s Climate Leadership Framework, to help identify a roadmap towards achieving net zero emissions.