Unilever is causing a stir at Victoria train station in London this month with a pop up Wall’s ice cream store. The initiative is part of its new £4m global marketing campaign ‘Goodbye Serious’, which is being led by the UK.

The shop features giant Twister and Calippo ice lollies which talk to each other using digital speech bubbles. The store is moving to Waterloo next month.

Wall’s brand manager Jenny King says: “Everyone has little moments in their day where they need to say ‘goodbye to serious’ and, as Victoria and Waterloo are busy commuter stations, our colourful and attention-grabbing 12ft Wall’s pop up store will inject an air of happiness and fun to the otherwise serious locations to really embody our ‘Goodbye Serious’ strapline.

“The stores will also disrupt commuters’ dull daily routine with tactical promotions that link to real-time situations, such as money off ice creams for those traveling on a cancelled train or celebratory ice creams if England wins a match in the World Cup.”

The multi-media campaign is set to run throughout the summer months until September.