Several of you got in touch after being notified by Payzone that the company was about to start charging for till rolls. When Rama Varambhia from Snutch Newsagents in Leicester queried the move she was told that there had been too much wastage.

“Then why do they print that long list of their services and their network every time? That’s the waste,” she retorts.

Ajay Soni, Londis, Nottingham, says the machine always prints two copies – the customer’s receipt and the merchant’s copy. “They never collect them, never audit them; it’s a waste of paper. I have to replace till rolls at the rate of one a day.”

I put these points to Payzone and a spokeswoman told me that there had been a 35% increase in the company’s paper costs and there had been excessive waste (I think she means people using Payzone’s till rolls for other purposes). “It’s a very competitive rate,” she says, “and Payzone promises to match anybody else’s price.”

She also says that retailers were not being charged for the extra information printed on the till rolls. Presumably, it was part of the calculation when working out how much to charge for the till rolls.