Like many of you who are subpostmasters, I also believe the Horizon system is faulty owing to the sheer weight of evidence. There are now more than 100 of you on the Justice for Sub-postmasters Alliance website awaiting court action over the Fujitsu-made Horizon software.

I received an anonymous letter in early July from one subpostmaster, who writes at length and in-depth about "the climate of fear" created by the PO over what is the "basically primitive" Horizon system.

He writes: "To buy a PO usually involves using life savings and/or bank loans, so it would be incredibly foolish to steal money. Why wait for them to catch you and the resulting consequences? Post Office Ltd (POL) expects you to establish your innocence rather than them to establish any guilt.

"I think people have been truly desperate to rely on false accounting, which jeopardises everything. If POL accuses the subpostmaster of false accounting then surely they are doing the same thing by putting forward an allegation of wrongdoing?"

My writer has a loss of £34K outstanding at the moment. He also had an error of £500 recently which miraculously cleared up.

He adds: "I would not be surprised if these errors were of some 'unofficial closure' programme instigated by POL. It's awful to feel like this, but they are the most distrustful employer I have ever worked for."

How very sad to hear this an eloquent and obviously intelligent postmaster trying to do a good job in his community. I think it's outrageous. For goodness sake Post Office, take a good look at yourself.