Asokar Ramalingham took out a loan to refurbish his Best One store at Gravesend, Kent.

"I paid it off last year," he says. "Then after I thought it was all finished, I got a bill for £1,207.50. They want 12% just to transfer the paperwork!"

It would appear that company A (OneWorld Leasing) sold to company B (Investec) and now company C (Chelco part of Investec) is chasing for a final payment. Chelco says it's the legal owner of the shelving, gondola units and chiller equipment and will come and remove it if Asokar chooses not to pay.

What Asokar signed was a hire agreement although neither of us can see where this final one-off payment is spelled out.

After Asokar complained, Chelco wrote saying it had investigated: "It is our conclusion that you appear to be confused by the nature of the agreement into which you have entered with OneWorld Leasing (now Investec). The agreement was arranged by Chelco on a minimum-term rental basis and as such ownership to the equipment remains with OneWorld throughout the agreement. Once the rental aspect of the agreement has completed OneWorld Leasing transfer ownership to the equipment to Chelco and as such Chelco are now the legal owners."

He has been to the Financial Ombudsman who is looking at the paperwork. The Office of Fair Trading told him to write to the company to buy time. His solicitor says there is no way they can demand more money and if the Ombudsman can't solve it, he will write to demand compensation for harassment.

I wonder what Chelco would do with a load of shelving? Sell it for scrap?

I suspect if there is a weasel-worded clause somewhere that allows this, they would settle for far less to transfer this bit of paperwork from one department to another.