Dina Jethwa, who runs Windmill News in Bristol, emailed me a copy of a letter her son has sent to Bank of Scotland (HBoS) regarding his mother's lease rental agreement for an Infotec photocopier that she doesn't  even have.

She is in a contract with TRM, but was approached by Lanwall Systems which offered to pay the penalty to get her out of the TRM contract to take up Lanwall's offer, which was financed by Bank of Scotland under a five-year leasing agreement.

At first she agreed, but changed her mind and never took delivery of the Infotec machine. She also paid the first instalment of £798 to HBoS in October 2008, but is now fighting back.

She is most fortunate in having a son who is not only a doctor of medicine but went on to do two years of financial training. 

His letter is pages long, setting out points to try to prove that the hire agreement breached regulatory principles of the Financial Services Authority and the Consumer Credit Act 1974. The letter also asks the bank if, since it owns the title deeds to the copier, whether the bank knows where said photocopier is because it isn't on Dina's premises.

Other developments relating to Lanwall have come to light last month. The NFRN ended its agreement with the company on June 5.

At NFRN online the Federation says: "The NFRN is not able to stop Lanwall contacting members, either by phone or in person, but as a number of members have experienced problems with this company and the operation of their agreement with them, we would advise that the greatest caution is exercised before proceeding with them."

TRM itself brought a case against Lanwall based on issues surrounding the Consumer Credit Act 1974. On June 17 the House of Lords issued its opinions of the lords of appeal for judgement, finding unanimously in favour of TRM.

A couple of months ago I spoke to someone who works in recovery collection for HBoS. He was trying to sort out one Mr Patel's problem with Lanwall. He said: "There are hundreds like it. Personally, I think the bank should get its hands dirty. We wouldn't let a car dealer get away with this. We'd pull the plug pretty quick."

He had many years of experience, "but no clout" and asked not to be named.

Lanwall has not responded to my latest request for comment.