Resham Singh Sunnar (Sunnar News, Slough, Berkshire) was prompted to ring after seeing my update in the last issue (C-Store, July 9) about Naresh Sandhir's and Nimish Patel's two-year battle with Halifax/Bank of Scotland to recover missing thousands.

Resham says he, too, was ripped off by BoS with £500 disappearing between being placed in a Halifax safe and arriving at BoS' sorting centre.

He had been banking without a hitch for 23 years. The problems started when he changed to cash-vault banking with Halifax. Two or three times he was told he was £20-£30 short. He gave them the benefit of the doubt, but started counting three times, very carefully. In 2008 he banked £17,000 in £20 notes and one wad of tenners amounting to £1,000. BoS told him he was £900 short in £20s, but £400 over in £10s.

He entered a complaint system that took him from November 2008 up to the present. He went to the Ombudsman (which asked BoS to investigate itself). Eventually, BoS says we have video evidence that two people counted it and no, you can't see it. When he persisted they sent the tape to his Halifax branch and both he and a supervisor watched it. It was too foggy to see clearly. Resham complained again and BoS said that what he saw was just a duplicate; their copy was clear.

Resham went to the Ombudsman once more, who came back and said BoS no longer had the video.

Now the Halifax manager supervises counting herself and stamps and seals it. Recently BoS said it was £10 short (even though it had been counted three times by Resham and once by Halifax). Halifax was so embarrassed it offered to reimburse him.

"I'm not blaming Halifax," he says. "I'm angry with the Ombudsman as much as anyone else."