Some people don’t know how they ever got on without the internet. But some have picked up their barge poles and are not touching it. Four retailers have been in touch in the last week to complain about MyPayPoint, the new, improved way of receiving self-billing invoices from PayPoint. Agents have been advised that they need to register online to continue to receive free weekly invoices. If they don’t register they will be charged an admin fee of £15 + VAT per month for their self-billing invoices to be collated and posted to them once a month.

Piush Patel, who runs Leaders News in Deptford, South London, said: “I don’t have broadband. It would mean another cost. I’m a sole trader and have no need for it.”

He says he makes “nothing” a month out of PayPoint already.

Mansouk Waru in Sutton says he doesn’t use the computer, and Jyotindra Mistry, of J News in Leeds, added, “Why do I have to invest in expensive equipment?”

The fourth retailer was anonymous but faxed a leaflet detailing the new way of working.

PayPoint has expressed surprise that any business, not just in retailing, is able to manage in today’s marketplace without having access to the internet.

“Apart from all the operational benefits, information availability and so on with MyPayPoint, another positive feature is that the retailer doesn’t actually need their own PC or laptop. They can register for MyPayPoint at an internet café, on a family member’s PC/laptop, even at their accountant. The information will be completely safe so long as they don’t let anyone else see their log-in information and password,” says spokesman Peter Brooker.

However, he adds: “If none of that works for them, please advise those retailers who have contacted you to call in to our Contact Centre.”

The bulletin was sent to every one of PayPoint’s 14,000+ retailers and has received fewer than 20 calls in response. “Overall, we believe (because not everyone responds when asked) that 90%+ of our independent retailers have internet access either in-store or at home,” added Brooker.