At the moment the twin winners are the Post Office and its Horizon system and the Bank of Scotland (BoS) and its leasing arrangements for photocopiers supplied by Lanwall. I have had too many calls on both subjects to do any sort of justice to them. Again, I urge all subpostmasters with Horizon problems to ring retailer Graham Ward on 01376 513691. Collective action may be the only way ahead.

As far as the photocopy victims are concerned, the BoS appears both unreachable and untouchable. The bank has distanced itself via third-party arrangements and retailers tell me they cannot reach either Lanwall or European Standard Leasing. And by the way, BoS, it is a really nice touch to charge your victims £15 per threatening letter.

Keith Palmer, who runs a Spar in Crowlas, near Penzance, Cornwall, says: "I tried reasoning with BoS's legal and liaison department and got absolutely nowhere."

He advises: "Hang on to your machines, though. You have to cut your losses."

Sometimes this column feels like a candle in the wind.