I hope Shailesh Patel, who runs AW Food Hall at Bexley in South-east London, reads this because I cannot get in touch with him.

He rang to ask whether I knew of a company that would charge reasonable rates for disposing of his old dairy cabinet. He had already rung the council, which said it didn't dispose of commercial fridges, so he then found a couple of companies on the internet. One, in Liverpool, wanted £200-£300 for sending a lorry and would then charge him 60p per kg for the cabinet.

He is having a refit so he might be able to persuade his shopfitters to take the cabinet away when they supply a new cabinet.

I spoke to Husky, the largest supplier of such equipment to the convenience market, and got a far more reasonable rate from a Northamptonshire-based company called Environmental Storage Solutions. A three-tonne vehicle will set you back only £35 and the company works the whole of the UK - although prices will go up if you are quite remote.

Fridges are far trickier to dispose of these days and you must use a company that has a hazardous waste licence. "We are fully licensed," said a spokeswoman, "and will issue the customer with a certificate confirming the fridge has been disposed of properly."

As I said at the beginning of this piece, I hope Shailesh picks up this story. I forgot to get his telephone number and when I looked at my caller ID device it showed that it was an international call. I can only think that he is on holiday abroad trying to tie up a few loose ends. His store is ex-directory.