I got some feedback from my last column on the subject of credit card authorisation through terminals and fraud prevention. It was Ukash/Visa last time through PayPoint. This time it is Elavon credit cards through Payzone. Ian Macintyre, who runs Ian Y Macintyre in Argyll, got a bit of a shock on his last few credit card bills through Payzone.

"I noticed a charge for £17 for one month and then for the next two," he says. He followed this up and was told: "I have to be PCI compliant. I had to reach a certain level of compliance or I would be charged extra by my credit card provider."

Ian did some research and wound up on the website for Trustware, which issues certificates of compliance. Although Ian does not do transactions for 'card not present', it seems he still has to have this certificate.

The site had a form to fill out and a mention of fee, but not how much. We both hope it isn't more than the fine.