It isn’t just our country’s Post Office experiencing problems with its computer system (Horizon), which has seen many sub-postmasters penalised for accountancy errors. Lee Castleton, who was bankrupted by the PO and who, along with dozens of others, is fighting back with collective action through the courts, has sent me a report from a paper in Johannesburg.

It says that the South African Post Office (SAPO) is continuing to pour millions of rand into a new retail system, despite clear evidence that the project is not financially viable, according to a confidential report.

The document, which has been kept out of the public eye, illustrates how the R107m project, WebRiposte, has resulted in staff having to pay in money for cash shortages resulting from the new dysfunctional system.

Doesn’t that sound familiar?

The report says the project is susceptible to fraud; has software glitches; has overrun by R80m; and should be discontinued.

“This unfortunately negatively impacts on employee morale as SAPO requires that employees pay in money for cash shortages,” it continues (again, how familiar).

To update you on the court case back on home soil so far, no update. Yes, those wheels grind ever so slowly.