A few retailers have been in touch to ask how they could improve their chances with Camelot now that it’s been announced that there may be some new terminals on offer come the end of the year. I asked Camelot for some advice and got the usual response: in essence, the company says it uses a “fair and rational selection policy to identify outlets, irrespective of sector or proximity to other stores, which offer us the best opportunity to generate incremental sales and therefore even more money for the good causes.”

Camelot maintains a database of around 23,000 potential retailers who meet its basic eligibility criteria. It analyses the sales potential of this retail universe and will then prioritise its list. It reviews and updates the database on a quarterly basis to take into account any changes to its retailer network.

A spokeswoman for Camelot said: “Any retailer can register their interest in having a Lottery terminal on our dedicated website, www.lotteryretailer.co.uk. We advise any retailer to also update us with any changes in their circumstances at any time by calling our dedicated retailer hotline on 0800 064 9649.”

Be warned that Camelot’s selection policy evaluates over 40 separate criteria including current and projected sales, footfall, store size, access and potential demand.

“If any retailer hasn’t heard from us, it doesn’t mean their outlet isn’t suitable it just means that better prospects for generating incremental sales and return for the good causes have been identified,” Camelot’s spokeswoman added. “But situations and local landscapes change regularly and as we constantly review our database, we could always be in contact to inform them they have been selected as a Lottery outlet.”

Fingers crossed eh?