Dru Patel sent this comment via our website: “I’ve read about PayPoint suspending terminals because of retailers not getting rid of their PayZone machines. 

“However I actually did get rid of mine after they demanded it. Next, they asked me to get rid of Barclaycard.…I refused. 

“A few weeks later my PayPoint machine was suspended. Surely this is unfair as it is my customers who are losing out? 

“PayPoint has never massively increased my profits and the commission is so low that dealing with Barclaycard was much better.”

He adds that he had used the Barclaycard machine for debit and credit card payments and mobile phone top-ups too, and had done so for several years before accepting the PayPoint terminal. 

“On acceptance of the PayPoint terminal, we were told we could keep the Barclaycard machine as Paypoint didn’t offer a debit/credit card payment facility. When PayPoint realised that we were putting virtually no top-ups through them, they demanded we get rid of the Barclays machine too.”