I pose the question because Jayanti Shah did. He trades in Enfield in North London and got his reminder on June 21. As he points out, this won't matter in a few year's time when you get the reminder once a year, whenever. But right now, it's still insult added to injury. And a pain in the wallet. This time last year he was perfectly legal with a magistrate's licence, lasting well beyond today and into next year.

This led us to wondering if there are any local authorities in the country that are co-ordinating their reminder dates regardless of when people first applied (there are 400-plus LAs, so I haven't a clue).
It would mean somebody having to do a bit of work on the council's computer, is all. Yes, a fag. But, you know, it's a service.

Retailers know all about service and how hard it is sometimes. Do councils ever think this way? We elect them, pay our rates....it's a two-way street.

Do let me know if you have a great council. (Ha, I know my workload won't suffer over this request.)