The furore that the new licensing regime spawned has died down, but there are still silly things happening.
Lesley Devereux, who runs Cocktails with her family in Littleborough, Rochdale in Lancashire, reported a year or so back that their daughter had been given the wrong exam by the local college with the result that the council wouldn't allow her a personal licence, even though another reader had contacted me to say that Blackpool was accepting the same certificate that Lesley's daughter had been awarded.
"Over the months the council failed to change their stance on this and so, due to feeling vulnerable should something happen to us, both our daughters sat the new exam again - and both passed," writes Lesley on email.
"It's interesting to note that this time, our daughter who sat the exam last time and was given an inferior certificate, was this time given an inferior course copy book while our other daughter had the most recent print."
She concludes: "I thought you may like to know the system stays the same. They can get away with second-rate service while we must provide the best, or else face the penalties."