You might think from reading this column at times that I get nothing but complaints about PayPoint. Not quite so. Some are so keen to become PayPoint agents they ask me to intervene on their behalf after they have been turned down.

Iris Pritchard has traded at McBride's General Store, founded by her father 40 years ago, for the past 22 years. She rang to say that she needed PayPoint because PayZone does not do the required electricity or gas for the area. She has been turned down twice before on the basis that she "isn't doing enough", but says she is up to £1,200 a week now and it would be much more if gas and electricity were part of the mix.

She added that she would be happy to discard her PayZone terminal if her application to PayPoint were successful.

PayPoint had also turned her down because it had decided that the area was adequately served by a number of other agents. However, Iris argued that the geography of her area (Llyswen, Penywaun, in Aberdare) sometimes meant that half a mile was too far.

In fact, the day she rang me she said that a distraught woman had showed up at 8pm the night before, needing to top up her electricity. In very snowy conditions, Iris' husband drove the lady three miles to the Co-op so that she could top up there.

I asked PayPoint to take another look and she has now been sent a contract to sign. "She's also signed up for credit/debit card processing through PayPoint, which will help to save her some money, given the cost per transaction which is lower than other providers," says spokesman Peter Brooker.