Javid Chaudry used to have PayPoint in his store, Newsplus in Kirkcaldy, Fife, but his service has been suspended thanks to his bank, HBOS, rejecting a direct debit.

"If you have four direct debits, for example, and you go just a bit over your overdraft allowance, it will reject all four and charge you £30 each."

He further explains that three of those direct debits are peanuts in comparison to the £11-12,000 a week he was banking for PayPoint. So the bank could have covered PayPoint for the measly amount he had gone over.

Bank of Scotland did write to PayPoint to explain the policy and PayPoint has told Javid it will reinstate the terminal, but the company requires a security deposit of £12,500 which will be held for a minimum of 12 months.

"I asked my accountant if he thought I should do this," says Javid, "and he howled with laughter and said 'At the commission they are paying you? They'll make a nice load of interest on that'."

So his terminal remains suspended. Javid hands on this apt advice. "Keep a totally different account for PayPoint."