The last thing anybody needs at the moment is a leasing arrangement for equipment that doesn't work/has never been supplied/doesn't deliver the goods. Jake Singh rang from his post office in Essex with an urgent request for feedback from other retailers who may be affected by leasing arrangements with various finance companies for in-store screens supplied by Premier Display.

He has had the screens for seven months. They are meant to generate more than enough money through ads to pay the contract hire charges which, in his case with two sites with screens, amount to £1,000 per month. He has been promised money for the past six or seven months, but has never actually received any.

"The average is £600 per site," he told me. "We had a meeting about it at my PO in Braintree and a lot of subpostmasters attended to try to get some joint action together."

Premier Display used the services of an accommodation switchboard, but I was told that Chris Falconer, who runs the company, no longer has an office there.

Jake has sent me more than 60 names of retailers affected so far, all of them stuck with three-year leases. "I think one or two postmasters might go under because of this," he adds.

Solicitors, even barristers, have been consulted but, as with many of these agreements, the finance companies are working within the law. It's a bad law and needs changing. One solicitor has suggested a report to the local Trading Standards Office.

It is very difficult to fight this one. Some retailers have said they may go to court to test the water. If anyone has done so and got a good result, let me know.