Kitkat is giving consumers the chance to win their very own personalised Kitkat pack.

With stock available now, the promotion features across favourite Kitkat packs, including four finger and Chunky singles, multipacks and two finger biscuit packs. Prizes can be won from February 1, with 1,000 winning packs up for grabs every day until March 29, and 56,000 packs in total over the course of the promotion.

For a chance to win, consumers must enter a code from their promotional pack onto the special website. The lucky winners will then be able to upload their own photo as well as personalise text to say whose break it is, for example, Stephanie’s Break. This will then be printed onto a Kitkat wrapper and their very own Kitkat 4 Finger Milk will be produced and posted out in a gift box to the recipient. The gift box can also double as a frame for the Kitkat.