Haribo has unveiled refreshing fruit flavour combinations with new frenzy variants of its top-selling Starmix and Tangfastics.

Available now, Frenzy Starmix Fruit Punch and Frenzy Tangfastics Fruit Spritzers will still feature the five iconic pieces but deliver a new mix of mouth-watering flavours.

The Starmix Fruit Punch provides a strawberry and rhubarb egg, an apple and elderflower heart, a cherry and lime cola bottle, passionfruit ring and a mango bear.

Tangfastics Fruit Spritzers will include a raspberry and pineapple cherry, a fruity limeade selection of crocodiles, blueberry and lemon cola bottles and a melon and a strawberry dummy.

Alison Satterthwaite, brand manager for Haribo UK Lead Brands, says: “This year Haribo Frenzy is delivering a real taste of summer, bringing a refreshing combination to the confectionery aisles with fruity drink inspired flavours for top-selling Starmix and Tangfastics.

“Our Frenzy variants are great fun and we know that consumers enjoy their family favourites in new and exciting flavours, which is why these treats continue to experience year on year growth and are recognised as our most successful limited-edition lines.”

Starmix Fruit Punch and Tangfastics Fruit Spritzers are available in a range of bag sizes including price marked packs.