More than a quarter (26%) of people aged 55 and over plan to carry on working beyond the current state retirement age, according to new research.
The figures, from Scottish Widows, also reveal that some 42% of people over the age of 55 say a state pension won't be enough to support the standard of living they would like in retirement. In addition, 53% of over-55s believe the nation should be forced to save for retirement.
Since the introduction of new laws on age discrimination in October 2006, employers have had to consider requests from employees to work beyond the age of 65. The changes also mean people aged over 65 have the same rights to unfair dismissal and redundancy payments as their younger colleagues.
Older employees have been praised by convenience store retailers for their experience and reliability. Retailer Tim Lake owns a Mace store in Fareham, Hampshire. He and his wife Carey employ three members of staff over the current retirement age, the oldest of which is 72. He said: "Our older employees are some of our best workers. Age should be no barrier and employment should be based on ability. If older workers are capable and want to work, I'm more than happy to employ them."